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Sleep accounts for approximately one-third of your life. However, the idea of cleaning a mattress doesn't seem like something you do all that often. Most people ignore the need to clean their mattresses, yet it should be part of our regular cleansing regime.

All of us know how important mattresses are to our lives. We benefit from mattresses in terms of our health and well-being. Each night, they provide us with a comfortable place to rest. We can also use them to read books, watch movies with our family, or even for a short break while looking at our phones.

It is for this reason that contamination occurs. Among the things that come off of our bodies are dust, dead skin cells, sweat, oil, dirt, and grime. Occasionally, these things can leave stains, but for the most part, dirt and germs are invisible. Additionally, your mattress may be dirty due to other factors such as pets walking on it. Just think of how much dirt and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye is being tracked in from outside.

In addition, if you suffer from any health problems or anyone in your family suffers from them, it's even more necessary to clean your mattress. A clean mattress keeps you healthy.

Mattresses do not consist of one single material. There are many different layers of materials including foam or cotton, water-repellent vinyl linings and polyester fabrics on the top and bottom, and also various types of padding, such as wool and feathers. Due to this, it’s not just the surface that gets dirty. Various layers are dealt with separately during our cleaning process. 

Mattress Cleaners

Mattresses can be an expensive purchase. The cost can be a few hundred dollars, although you can also spend thousands on them if you wish to buy from the high-end range. Therefore, you should learn how to take care of it so that it will last. As mentioned above, mattresses can harbor dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris, which is why they need to be cleaned regularly, especially if you or any members of your family suffer from allergies, or have pets.

An effective mattress cleaning service removes stains, dirt, dust mites, or other debris from mattresses, so they remain fresh and free of pathogens, bacteria, and mold.

There's good news: Ellis can deep clean and refresh your mattress, removing the bacteria and allergens that could be ruining your sleep.

We provide our customers with a better level of cleanliness by utilizing our proprietary bed cleaning system. This is not your average steam cleaning. For a complete restoration, we have some of the best equipment available for cleaning your mattress.

We use two distinct steps in our intensive cleaning process to ensure the freshness and hygienic cleanliness of your mattresses. Unlike other cleaning companies, we deliver outstanding results, and we are confident that you will be delighted with our service.

Further, mattresses of different types are cleaned differently, since each type of mattress has a specific molding method. Steam cleaning, for instance, is one of the most popular methods. As opposed to dry foam treatments that can remove pet hair without causing moisture damage. The method we'll use will depend on the type of mattress you have and the issue you're experiencing.

Why Is Cleaning Your Mattress Important?

You should professionally clean your mattress for several reasons, including: 

Increased Air Quality
It is well known that a dirty mattress contributes to a room's polluted air. Due to the amount of sweat, dust, oil, and old skin found on mattresses, it's easy to see how they can pollute the air around them. When you stay in a dirty room, you begin to smell bad and breathe in the contaminants. The main benefit of having your mattress cleaned is that your home will immediately have better air quality.

If the biological contaminants and the potential odors are removed from the room, then you can sleep better at night. Clean mattresses significantly contribute to better sleep quality as well as to the quality of air in your bedroom.

Reduces the Risk of Allergies and Itching
Sleep is hard to come by when you are constantly scratching and sneezing at night. Besides dust mites and fungi irritating your allergies, a mattress can also irritate your skin and cause you discomfort. The removal of harmful bacteria can reduce allergies, itching, and certain illnesses.

Prolonged Lifespan of Your Mattress
Cleaning your mattress regularly is the best way to ensure it lasts a long time. Taking care to clean it thoroughly is beneficial to reduce the amount of wear and tear on the linings as well as the cover of the mattress. If a mattress casing is torn, it is vulnerable to damage, exposing inner springs and cushioning, which wear out more rapidly. Keep your mattress clean regularly to prevent this from happening.

For best results, have your mattress professionally cleaned twice a year to prevent odors, bacterial growth, and heavy stains from accumulating. Ellis provides this deep cleaning service for your mattress to ensure that you rest well and experience a noticeable improvement in your sleep.

Our Mattress Cleaning Methods

Stain Removal
Even the toughest stains like blood, urine, ink, wine, etc. can be removed with our cleaning treatments. Furthermore, the presence of organic stains on a mattress may further harm its hygiene because they enable the growth of harmful bacteria. Some of these stains are so complex that failure to remove them may further deteriorate the quality of the mattress, so they need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

Ellis has technicians who are trained and experienced mattress cleaners. They are well versed in how to treat a variety of stains, so they are capable of handling nearly every type of stain safely.

Steam Cleaning
Mattress steam cleaning is a modern way to deeply clean your mattress.

We are confident that our cleaning services can restore the freshness and softness of your mattress and bring it back to its original condition. Our steam cleaning method also lets us get rid of all germs and microbes due to the temperature that we use.

Odour Removal
Sleeping on a dirty mattress can be very unpleasant. This odor can also negatively impact the quality of indoor air, degrading the indoor air quality in your home. You can utilize our mattress odor removal service to eliminate all the odor-causing bacteria that could be lurking within your mattress. Mattress odors are generally removed using natural and green products. Additionally, essential oils and natural oils accentuate the mattress' natural scent, making it both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Dry Cleaning
Another popular service is dry cleaning mattresses, which is beneficial to the condition and quality of the mattress. By using the best equipment and chemicals, our dry cleaners can achieve better results. As part of our service, we will eliminate all odors from the mattress. In general, this type of service is used when time is of the essence.

In most cases, steam cleaning takes 6 to 8 hours to dry. Dry cleaning cuts this time down by 80%.

Mattress Warranty Cleaning
To prevent violating the warranty requirements on a mattress if you have a warranty, you should get a mattress cleaning annually. You will also have to have the mattress professionally cleaned and provide a tax invoice if you are returning a mattress for an exchange. You can’t do it yourself.

Most people don't realize just one single stain on the mattress might prevent you from returning it. A mattress warranty cleaning service from Ellis will ensure that stains are removed and that your mattress will appear fresh and new.

Mattress Sanitation and Mold Removal Services
Mattress sanitization offered by Ellis can effectively get rid of all the bacteria and pathogens. In our company, we use specialized disinfectants to kill all bacteria and viruses.

Mold and mildew can ruin a mattress and render it useless. Mold can be eliminated by utilizing antifungal and anti-mold chemicals. After the mold is removed the mattress is thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected to further eradicate mold. By using our service, we can prevent future mold growth, as our chemicals produce a protective barrier that lasts for months.

Commercial Mattress Cleaning Service
We also offer commercial mattress cleaning services for your company.

If you own a small bed and breakfast that requires the cleaning of 10 mattresses or perhaps you manage the cleaning services for a large hotel or aged care facility that requires the cleaning of 500 or more mattresses. We can help.

We have the technicians and the right equipment to be able to handle the job effectively. The importance of proper maintenance is even greater in a commercial setting than it is at home.

Mattress Cleaning & Maintenance Tips
The ideal solution is to have your mattress professionally cleaned. Ideally, you should take advantage of both professional services and regular cleaning.

How do you maintain your mattress? Regular vacuuming is recommended. Every week, just simply vacuum your mattress. Additionally, we strongly recommend investing in a high-quality mattress cover. It prevents sweat, moisture, hair, pet dander, and dirt from getting inside the mattress. It can also be helpful to get a waterproof mattress cover if you have small children or pets.

Additionally, even if you use a waterproof mattress cover, you will still need to have the mattress professionally cleaned to remove all germs, allergens, bacteria, and microbes that may be trapped inside. The mattress cover should also be regularly inspected for tears.

Sometimes, you may discover that they break and your mattress no longer has complete protection.

The life of the padding can also be extended through regular mattress rotation. When you own a double-sided mattress, you should flip it regularly. Ideally, you should do it every month and wash your bedding every two weeks. By doing this, it keeps your bed smelling fresh and prevents odors from penetrating the fabric of the mattress Keeping up with these simple tasks will help in preserving your mattress.

Why Pick Ellis
Ellis has been saving and restoring mattresses for our customers since 1999.

Our perfected method allows us to deep clean your mattress, so you can be assured it will remain in excellent shape for a long time. We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners so they will not harm your health in any way.

Make an appointment with us today for mattress cleaning services. We are a professional company that provides high-quality work. When you have a clean and healthy mattress, you will be able to rest easily at night.

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