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In need of area rug cleaning that will provide excellent results and won't break the bank? A spilled beverage on your rug that may have been an accident from your kids? Or perhaps it was a pet accident on the rug. A quality rug is generally not cheap. You will not benefit from spending a lot of money on replacing the rug when it is quite possible to have it cleaned and restored. Making it look new once again just like when you bought it from the store.
Ellis is a company that provides top-notch area rug cleaning services at affordable rates. Our team is familiar with all types of fabrics and textures, from wool to silk to cotton, Persian to oriental, even synthetic rugs. We offer rug cleaning services for multiple rugs or rugs of any size.
Most people don't think about their area rugs until everyday life happens and stains take place. Maybe you are under the impression that you cannot afford professional cleaning services or don't have enough time to handle all the hassle. This is where we come to the rescue! 
Ellis is here to help you. Pricing is reasonable with us. The heavy lifting is all done by us if the rug is cleaned on-site or in our specialized factory. In addition, we ensure that your rug will look as clean as possible once we are done. The rug you receive will look just as nice as when it left the store for the first time.
Additionally, our quick and efficient rug cleaning services will have your rugs looking new in no time as we have a short turnaround time. With a rug now clean, stain-free, and smelling fresh, imagine how lovely your home will be. The experience will be rewarding. Visitors will notice! And this will brighten up the room the rug is in.
If you need to have your area rug cleaned at off hours during the day or night, just give us a call and we can book you in 24/7. We are able to clean rugs that have accumulated years and years of dirt and grime. Restore their appearance to new. Neither a big nor a small job is beyond what our team of experts can handle.
It does not matter what style of rug you own. It should be cleaned by Ellis. Whether you have a carpet cleaning emergency, or need a rug cleaning that has a faster turnaround than normal. We can do it! You may need the rug back by midweek if it's a Monday. Our scheduling department can help you. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Area Rug Cleaning

There are no two rug materials that are the same. Every rug material must be cleaned in a different way. Machine washing is sometimes used, while hand washes are also used. In any case, our rug cleaning usually results in the same result. Removing any dirt, grime, gunk, stains, and embedded soil. This will result in a rug that looks and feels just as good as it did when you purchased it.
The following procedure is used by our company. This applies to all rugs. In case the rug is cleaned on site or if the rug cleaning is carried out in our specialized facility. It's the same process.

Pre Inspection of the Rug
As part of our thorough inspection, we assess all aspects of your rug so we can identify any problems. This way, we can plan the appropriate rug cleaning process for you. There are different methods for cleaning area rugs according to their base materials.

Dusting & Vacuuming
Next, we do a thorough vacuum. We use a high-powered manual vacuum on-site or our dusting machine in our facility. It is impossible to remove debris that has built up over years with any other method, but this machine does it.

Washing / Steam Cleaning
Following this will be the washing and the actual cleaning of the rug. We will either hand wash or use our specialized machinery and tools to wash your rug. When we clean rugs on-site, they are usually steam cleaned by our area rug cleaning machine.

Centrifuge Pre-Dry (In Facility)
To remove any remaining chemicals and soap, your rug is rinsed with water after washing. Our facility uses a high-powered centrifuge to accelerate pre-drying. This extracts most of the water stored in the area rug.

Controlled Dry
We then carry out a controlled drying process. We hang your rug in our special drying room where the temperature and humidity are controlled to allow for the ideal drying conditions. Different rug types dry differently. Generally it takes 24 hours. The rugs that are cleaned on-site will be dried at your home after they are cleaned.

Final Inspection and Finishing Touches
After vacuuming a final time, we complete a final inspection. Lastly, we brush your rug to make it look as vibrant as possible.

Can Area Rug Cleaning Be Done in My Home?
There are two parts to this question. Let's cover the first part. If a rug can be cleaned in a home depends on the type of material. Rug cleaning in the home is more of a tidy up than a proper clean. It is impossible to prevent build-up on rugs even when vacuumed weekly. Rugs need to be cleaned off-site for a thorough clean. This isn’t a ploy to make extra money. It’s simply the honest and genuine truth. It is imperative that rug cleaning companies do what is best for the rug itself. Like us.
Dust and debris can be difficult to remove from rugs without a proper dusting machine. If you have ever taken a rug outside to beat the dust out you might recall it feels like you could beat that rug forever, and then some!

A substantial amount of dirt can accumulate in a rug. What happens when you add water to soil? How does the soil absorb that water? It's Mud! Rug fibres become 'dry rot' when mud collects during cleaning without proper dusting. If this occurs, over time, your rug will get progressively worse and eventually thrown away as it cannot be repaired.
Furthermore, the ample amount of water required for proper rug cleaning makes rugs cleaned on-site difficult to dry. It is possible that they will smell and develop mold when placed back into the home while they are still damp.
Store-bought rugs are the only rugs that our company recommends for onsite cleaning. In the case of non-delicate rugs needing a spot removal for a stain or two. On-site cleaning is ok. All other rugs should be cleaned in a specialized rug cleaning facility.

Pick Up And Drop Off Service for Area Rugs
We offer pick-up and delivery services from your location for your convenience. The rug will be picked up free of charge by us at your home or business.
A rug can be very heavy. And big in size! Large rugs are too bulky to fit in a regular vehicle. Allow us to handle the heavy lifting, rather than lugging rugs back and forth yourself and breaking your back.
We pick up and return rugs that need to be cleaned every day. We will schedule a pick up time that is convenient for you. Our team can pick up your area rug at your front door or at a side gate if you are not at home. When the rug has been cleaned, we will call to notify you and schedule a date and time to deliver. You can even have us put it back in the right place. Or, once again, if scheduling is an issue your rug can be dropped off outside your home.

Earlier, we described six cleaning steps in a brief and summarized format. Please continue reading below to learn more about the complete rug cleaning process that our company follows.

Complete Area Rug Assessment
Your rug may need additional attention if there has been a spill or an accident. Using our specialized area rug evaluation service, we determine the extent of the damage and offer recommendations for restoration.
Just give us a call and explain your situation to us. In case we have to see a rug in order to provide a better recommendation we will give you a number you can text us with some pictures so we can look at it properly.

Pre-treatment and Spot Clean For Hard To Remove Stains
Rugs can be frustrating if they're dirty. Our area rug cleaning professionals will pre-treat any stains and spots that may require more than just a general deep clean. Due to our commitment to meticulously inspect and analyze every rug, we are able to provide our clients with a high level of service. We also employ experienced rug technicians to make sure delicate rugs are not exposed to harsh chemicals by using green products to remove stains, deodorize, disinfect, etc.

Can You Spot Clean My Area Rug?
When there is only one spot that needs stain removal, but other areas are just dirty from foot traffic. We will still thoroughly clean the rug as opposed to just spot-cleaning it. What is the reason? There will be one area of the rug that looks amazing and really clean. However, the rest of it will still look dirty and soiled.
However, if your rug is clean overall but there is only one stain, or possibly two. Then we can do a spot cleaning for that area. But, we do have a minimum service charge. Therefore, cleaning the whole rug is worth it.

Gentle Scrubbing or Hand-washing vs Deep Steam Cleaning vs Machine Wash
There are different ways to clean rugs that we use depending on the type of material they are made from.
We use a gentle scrubbing or hand-washing technique to remove dirt and stains for delicate area rugs. If your rug is heavily soiled, our experts can also perform a deep steam extraction. On delicate rugs, however, this method cannot be used. Our cleaning processes are safe and won't damage your rug, so rest assured that we are looking out for your best interests.

Rugs can also be cleaned with a machine. We do this at our special cleaning facility. In order to perform the bulk of the work, we utilize a large industrial-grade machine. Rugs that can be washed in a machine will always look better and be cleaner overall than those cleaned on-site. The only rugs that can be machine washed are those that are not delicate.

Eco-friendly Solutions and Services
Rug cleaning is one of our services we offer that uses eco-friendly products.
In accordance with the rug's size, shape, and type of material, our experts will recommend an appropriate natural cleaning solution. Our eco-friendly products won't leave any harmful residue on your prized area rugs. In addition to being healthier and lasting longer, you're also benefiting financially! 

Deodorize And Disinfecting Service
For all rug cleaning services, we use hypoallergenic products. Microscopic bugs and germs living in your rugs are killed and disinfected with this product. Our hypoallergenic solution doesn't let anything pass through. We also deodorize your rug after we are done to ensure they stay fresh and smell clean.

Water Extraction And Drying for Area Rugs
We remove all water and dirt with powerful vacuum suction. We only use the best equipment in the business. This way, your rugs won't be left wet once we are done cleaning them. Mold can grow on wet rugs, as well as damage your valuable rug over time. That’s why we make sure we don’t leave you with wet rugs! 

Area Rug Drying Options
We make sure that your rugs have been thoroughly dried. In order to accomplish the job as quickly as possible, we utilize the most current equipment and tools available, including a powerful high-pressure extractor vacuum. Suction is typically 280 PSI or higher. Rug type determines which equipment we need. This also leaves your rugs cleaner.
Depending on the size of the rug, the drying time will vary.
99% of the time rugs need to air dry since it is impossible to get all the water out. As part of our rug cleaning service at our factory, we place the rug into a special drying room to remove any dampness. Please do not use your rug for 24 hours after we clean it on-site. As a safety precaution it's best not to walk on an area rug for at least a day even if it takes less than 24 hours to dry.

Rug Protection Services
To keep your rugs clean, we can apply a protective coating. In terms of protecting your rugs, several options are available. One of the most popular is a Scotchgard protector kit which will protect your rug against spills and stains, and repel dirt for up to six months. Call us for a quote if you want to learn more about this.

Types Of Area Rugs We Clean
Besides Persian, Indian, and cotton rugs, we also clean hand-knotted wool and silk rugs. And more! 
Additionally, we clean antique oriental rugs that have been handed down through generations. The materials used in antique oriental rugs are often very delicate, and punched needlework is often present. Such rugs require special handling. We offer a unique hand cleaning technique to bring these antique pieces up to date.

Health Benefits Of A Clean Rug
It's imperative that you take care of your area rug and keep it clean since it can have a huge impact on your health and well-being. As rugs trap allergens at their surface level, they naturally help reduce airborne allergens such as dust, pets' dander, pollen, and mold spores.
The result is a cleaner space while also reducing the number of pollutants in the air that could exacerbate asthma symptoms like coughing and breathing difficulties. Rugs are especially helpful for people with respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma, as they filter the air further.
Likewise, what maintenance should a filter undergo regularly? Cleaning, as you probably guessed. Rugs serve as great filters for a home. Nevertheless, regular cleaning is necessary to keep them acting as a filter.

Why Pick Ellis?
As professional rug cleaners, we are committed to providing the highest quality service at an affordable rate. We are proud to bring your rug back to life and make it look brand new. With roughly 20 years' experience, we know our way around every stain your rug could possibly have. We can also helps with end of lease carpet cleaning and can even apply a carpet protectant and sanitizer.

Call us today on (631) 212-0900 to discuss your options and get your service booked in. Serving Central IslipHuntington StationSag HarborHuntington Bay and the rest of Long Island.


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